Starry starry night

We are well into winter down here in Wellington now and one of the benefits of winter for a photographers is clear dark skies at more sociable hours! Earlier this week I headed out to the south coast with some friends and a couple of beers to photograph the stars. Overall a pretty successful trip, here's the results! 

Nailing the front cover


Well its been a while since my last post, I am well over due for an update! Well I only gone and made it onto the FRONT COVER of a bloomin' magazine! Pretty stoked about getting to shoot the Bresolin Brothers for this and quite proud of some of the shots I took featured in the full centre spread on local artisan foods. So go on get out there and buy a copy if you still can! otherwise lets do coffee and I'll bring my copy along for you to flick through :) 

Turned out April was a good month, last week I received news I made it onto another cover for the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society with a shot I took in Wellington last year, check it out below!

Cupcakes and tea

Last week I had another team up with Emma for a fun foodie shoot inspired by elements of alice in wonderland, tea, cupcakes and sweet treats. Emma did a fantastic job with the location prep and had some great ideas around styling and setup, not to mention she makes some great tasting cupcakes! Fun was had all around and working with the talented model Lily was a breeze!

Here's a few shots from the shoot, enjoy!