Stepping out of the comfort zone: The importance of self belief

Recently I had some friends ask me to take some portraits of them. No big deal right? well my friend happened to be heavily pregnant and wanted some pregnancy themed images. Cue panic. I think she caught me looking for the nearest fire exit to escape! I had literally no idea what a pregnancy shoot was or should be, all I knew was there would be pictures of a heavily pregnant bump. My brain was telling me "whoa! boy you ain't done nothing like this before, you are well out of your depth. After my mini stress and chatting it over I realised I was a fool for freaking out, a shoot can be anything you want it to be. My friend sorted out a Pinterest board and started collating images she really liked and wrote a few noted on them. Before the shoot we had a chat about what kind of things she liked and discussed what we could do. Now I quite like to shoot with flash but I knew for this shoot I wanted to utilise soft natural light and play around with silhouette. 

Im not going to go into much detail of the shoot itself as I want this post to be aimed more about recognising your own skills and self belief. From saying yes to the shoot I learned that its good to push yourself and shoot something you may not be familiar or comfortable with. It's too easy to sit in your comfort zone and shoot stuff you are comfortable with. I knew very little about photographing couples, families and pregnant women as its not been something I've actively sought out to shoot. I guess its never held much interest for me as it always felt like more pressure, more things to go wrong and ultimately more people to disappoint. This may all of course sound like utter rubbish to you, but to me these are the feelings I internalise before every single shoot, mr self doubt pops his head out and starts whispering his wicked little words in my ear. If theres one thing I can say to anyone else who has the same feelings, is believe. Believe in your vision, back yourself that you know your gear and know how to master it and get it to work for you. But most of all believe in yourself.  

As always heres a few pictures from the shoot.