Crime scene project

You may have heard me mention this project late in 2013 and I just wanted to give a little update to let you all know it's still going on, I'm also still taking bookings for anyone who wants to be featured in the series these are of course FREE of charge! so fire me an email if you are keen!
For those of you who aren't familiar with the project its been inspired by the 1950's crime scene photographers. Back then especially in America it was common for photographers to moonlight as crime scene photographers to supplement their income. Either knowingly or unknowingly many of the images from the era showed artistic influence from the photographers, the images although morbid were often beautifully composed and well structured to give an overall sense of the scene. 

Combining influences from some of these 50s scenes with elements of human psychology I aim to produce a series of images which will hopefully make you think about what you are seeing and form your own narrative and interpretation of each scene. who is the victim? how did they get there? what were they doing? etc. I plan to exhibit a selection of these images later in 2014 and I hope you will find it as fascinating as I have. Keep checking facebook page or this blog over the next few months and I might release a few more images as it progresses, for now I will leave you with this one, I would love to hear you thoughts on this so please if you read this leave a comment or get in touch. Thanks.