2014, Down in Tasmania...

A bit late to the game on this one but Happy New Year!

I spent the first few weeks of January exploring Tasmania - of course if you follow me on instagram (and you totally should) you would have seen some of my travel pics. It's always cool to get away but travelling always makes me wish for a new camera. Seriously I always end up taking about 4 different cameras with me on holidays, an iPhone for social media sharing, an SLR for higher quality shots, one for snaps, one waterproof one for water adventures and hiking. Ah well, maybe next year I will consolidate them all into one camera (or maybe 2). If anyone has any tips for great travel cameras then feel free to get in touch! it would be great to know someone is actually reading this blog!

Okay so Tasmania was great, a lot like New Zealand just with snakes....and wallabies. Once you get out of the big cities (Hobart and Launceston) its becomes a lot like rural south island. Tasmania doesn't see as much tourism as the rest of Australia but I would definitely recommend it, theres something for everyone, especially if you like to get outdoors whether it be hiking in the national parks, fishing, kayaking the coastline or just lazing on the pristine beaches.

Here's a few pictures from my travels, enjoy.