Spec Ads

Ive really been working on adding some vibrant colours to my images recently especially after reading Nick Fancher's excellent lighting book. So the other night I came home and decided to have a play with lighting some brand new football boots that my wife has before they get all scuffed up with the winter season. I also had a couple of left over quality street wrappers from christmas and thought they would make great gels.

I knew that the boots would look pretty sweet with a deep orange or red background with some nice reflections, so I placed them on a clear sheet of glass near a white wall and got the flashguns out. For the Adidas shot I gelled a sb-700 flash with 2 Red gels  and placed a sb-900 with softbox to camera right. I switched the white balance over to Tungsten to give the nice purple effect and tweaked the white balance Kelvins in camera to give a much deeper blue which in turn really made the purple show through. In lightroom I added a bit of clarity and contrast then added a hint of yellow to the highlights and violet to the shadows, this really made the purple pop! The second shot was pretty much the same setup only I added 2.5 CTO gels plus an orange quality street wrapper which must have been close to 1 full CTO and reset the white balance to tungsten, this allowed for a brighter shot with subtle pink hues to show through in the shadows. Pretty pleased with the results!

**Note I am not endorsed by Adidas or Nike, these are spec ads I have created simply to show off some of my skills in creatively lighting product shots.