Scuba Bond

You may recognise this scuba James Bond from my blog post about my Martin Schoeller inspired photo. Well during that photoshoot Mark and I were chatting about the difficulties of diving on the south coast of Wellington. We joked that when you go diving you only ever seem to be able to enter/exit the water with all the grace of a newborn foal. You have those long fins, you have to waddle backwards in a thick wetsuit reminiscent of an elephant seal. Well maybe thats just me....Anyway. The conversation kind of spawned a little idea for a shoot inspired by the classic james bond and man from the milk tray advert, y'know the one, the one with a tuxedo hidden under the wetsuit. We caught up early evening and were racing against the remaining daylight - man is it getting dark early here now!!

We headed for a spot on the south coast which has a nice view of the S, ISland but also when you look east you get a nice view of the harbour entrance which takes on all the colours of the setting sun. The plan was to use this as the background and have some nice golden hues and a bit of rugged landscape. The brief for Mark was to make it look like he was arriving fashionably late for a dinner date with a bond girl ater saving the country. He pulled it off with ease. I had the opportunity to work with the very talented Emma Hough for the hair and makeup, she kicked butt and even got her feet wet to make sure we got the right shots!

For the techies the lighting was as follows:

SB-900 with lumiquest softbox camera left 1/4 power

bare SB-700 right of model to give a little edge light

Pretty pleased with the results, we were racing against the sun a bit so next time I would leave a bit more time for setting up but all in all the final images matched the image I saw/grew in my minds eye several weeks ago.