My attempt at a Martin Schoeller image

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing Mark Atkin and thought I would take the chance to have a crack at a Martin Schoeller inspired photo. For those who don't know who Mark is, he's an ex police detective turned actor who recently worked on the Hobbit movies. We had a great shoot with heaps of laughter and it was also my first time working with Emma Hough Makeup. Emma did a fantastic job, I seriously can't recommend her enough!

The Shot... Okay Martin Schoeller, you've probably seen some of his work before even if you didn't realise it, he has a very distinct style and I wanted to have a go at recreating it. I knew Mark was perfect for this, so near the end of our shoot I took the opportunity to get something different for him as a little surprise extra. I recently got hold of the Nick Fancher lighting guide and between the guide and the awesome Phlearn website I had a good idea how to get the shot. Martin Schoeller has a very specific light setup for his shots and Nick Fancher did a fantastic job shedding some light on this setup in his guide. Unfortunately I don't have the luxury (or space) for huge V flats or Kinoflows so I changed the lighting to fit with the gear I had. I used a shoot through umbrella top camera right and a silver reflector below the camera angled slightly back up towards the umbrella. This is a simple way of achieving the classic clamshell lighting which gives very even flattering results. I took my final images into photoshop and used some techniques from the guys over at Phlearn to edit the images to give a similar look to Schoeller's work. While a true Schoeller picture is expressionless I'm really pleased with the final image and even more stoked that Mark likes it too.