This weekend the wife and I escaped Wellington for some downtime to celebrate our 1yr wedding anniversary. We chose Castlepoint as the weather looked good but with some southerly winds we knew it would be fairly sheltered and warm! Its always good to get away for a break even if its just for the weekend, when we arrived we discovered the area we were in had no cell phone coverage. Brilliant I thought, off the grid! yeah that thought lasted about as long as it took to put the tent up and eat some lunch. I quickly found my mind wandering to emails I hadn't yet responded too and wondering if I had new replies or whether I had received any new likes on Instagram. Its funny how we are becoming so dependant on technology and just how fast its become part of our lives and almost an extension of our bodies! My iPhone is possibly the most used camera I own because its with me everywhere I go.

So you are probably thinking why you are bothering to read a blog about my camping adventures, dont be too disgruntled its still a photography related blog! trust me....
As I mentioned before the reason for going away was to celebrate out wedding anniversary and enjoy the sunny weather with some friends, I hadn't really planned on taking any pictures other than maybe some holiday snaps for ourselves but on a whim took my camera with me with the sole intention of getting some night shots of the lighthouse surrounded by a sea of stars. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bit cloudy at night with a bright full moon so it wasn't quite the stunning diamond canopy I had hoped for. Never mind I thought, I can get up early Sunday ready for sunrise and get a brilliant glowing sunrise shot with the lighthouse. Once again I was foiled by the weather as it was too cloudy for any sunrise (although I got to lie in so I guess that's the silver lining!)
So I had all these intentions of making some good pictures but things just didn't quite go to plan. Do you ever find this happens to you? I guess it didn't really matter for me because I was on my downtime, taking pictures for the sake of it. I resigned myself to the fact I won't get any nice landscapes instead I'll just play some beach cricket with friends and enjoy people's company.

Sunday morning after a lie in and breakfast we decide to go hike up castle rock hill, I didn't take my slr with me because I had only considered using it for the sunrise shots so instead I took my lumix LX7. It's much smaller but shoots RAW and takes great looking pictures. Also didn't have hiking boots and thought if I fall and land on my Nikon d800 I wouldn't be best pleased (thinking about it that thing is so tough it would probably damage me). Off we trot on our little walk and all of a sudden I start seeing these amazing landscape shots almost at every bend in the path. It's funny how things work out, I hadn't intended to take any photos other than the ones of the lighthouse and here I am looking at a bunch of cracking ones I took without setting out with that clear goal in mind. I think sometimes it's good to shoot spontaneously and not be too meticulous about planning all the details. Even then when things don't quite go to plan, you can still come way with some brilliant shots.