Autumn shoot

Over Queens Birthday weekend I teamed up with Emma Hough Makeup for a special autumn/winter shoot. Emma enlisted the help of the super talented Florine Chevrolet - an international model! Both of them did a fantastic job!

I had some preconceived ideas of what I wanted the shoot to look like in terms of styling and location but never try to be too specific otherwise I find you can unintentionally turn your back on potential opportunities because you are too focussed on achieving one thing. Believe me, I've been there! So to keep me on my toes when Emma said she knew the perfect place to shoot I just went with it. Going into a shoot blind can be a bit daunting but the experience I have gained working on the sets of film/music videos has taught me there are always good pictures to make you just have to trust your gut instincts. I always find it best to have a little walk around the area you want to shoot in and just take mental notes of anyplace that might jump out to you, then when you return with your camera/model work those areas but don't be afraid to adapt and change what you are shooting. For example, on this shoot i knew in advance there was going to be a glasshouse and the weather may not work in our favour with showers forecasted. This was fine because I had the idea to take a portrait shot looking through the glass window with all the raindrops covering the window, I even planned to "fake" the shot with a spray gun if the weather didn't rain when I wanted it to. When we turned up to this location I pushed that idea to one side in favour of something else. Why? because I let myself go with the flow of the shoot, I allowed the location and props around me to work to my advantage. As soon as we got there we saw a watering can and some secateurs  and after bouncing a few ideas off Florine the model we went with something completely different. It totally paid off and we got some killer shots. Now if i had been narrow-minded and focused on achieving the preconceived shot I thought of the night before then we wouldn't have got those shots.

I think its important to listen to your model and be open to their ideas, especially when it comes to posing and props and sometimes even clothing. If your model is engaging and has input into the shoot then they will give you everything they can to get a killer shot.

Ive already posted some of these shots on Facebook so if you haven't been over there (and why not?) go check them out, like, share or leave a comment.