music videos, wigs and channelling my inner Axl Rose.

A few months ago I got asked by a buddy if I could to travel up to Auckland and work on a music video with him for the band Fire At Will. I was pretty stoked to find out I was going to be 2nd unit DOP. However, when I got there they said "oh yeah, we need another extra for the bar scene. you're going to be in it". Now I'm pretty happy and content when I'm behind the camera so this was going to be whole new experience and I wasn't too sure how I felt about it. 

First up I had to get my "costume" sorted. The brief I had been given was generic 80s  bad guy, bar fight. With very little time a quick visit to the 2 dollar store saw me come away with some finger less leather gloves, a bandana and a fake tattoo sleeve. Of course after trying it all on the director thought it was hilarious and announced to much delight that he had the perfect wig to go with what I had foolishly purchased. He scrabbled around in a cupboard for five minutes and pulled out something that looked like a scalped wookie, "here put this on, it will suit you" he said. I obliged and in all honestly looked awful, like a slightly hairier version of Axl Rose that had been dragged backwards through a hedge. Of course he was amused greatly by my new persona and expressed it the only way he knew how, by rolling on the floor while laughing at me. Below is a shot of me as my character which became affectionately known as "mr. stabby stabby".


In the end we had a great time shooting the video with much laughter. One of the highlights for me was getting to take a ride in that mean green 32 Tudor, that thing is loud! Also working with (read: pretend stab and punch) Crystal who was the stunt performer on the Evil Dead 2012 remake was pretty cool too! The finished video for the bands new single She'll rev you up, just got released this week so check it out below to see some of my DOP work and acting talents!