Well its been a mad couple of weeks shooting various things from corporates boardrooms to lifestyle clothing. This week I had some free time and organised with my makeup artist Emma to shoot some stuff just for fun. Emma found some great models who were a breeze to work with and we had heaps of fun goofing around and playing with different lighting. Emma wanted to give one of the models a drawn on moustache as it just so happens to be the month of November. With means men all over the world trying their best to grow a hairy top lip in support of mens health and prostate cancer research, how could we not combine all these things into something great! We all found it pretty funny when our moustache wearing model told us her name was Mo. Heres a shot of Emma adding the finishing touches to Mo's Mo.


After the shoot I was processing the images and noticed that Mo had given a great range of facial expressions during the shoot and it was going to be tough to pick a favourite. I thought it would be cool to show the best facials Mo came up with in a grid system as it turns out there were 4 really great shots that I would worked well together. I decided to take it one step further and create a poster for Movember to help raise some awareness for the good cause, sort of like a mock up of an ad for them. After all its a great charity. I sent the Movember guys an email with the finished image, I haven't had a response yet but hopefully they like it!

Here's the final image....