Photo Walk

October 5th 2013 was the date for the 6th annual Scott Kelby photo walk. This is an event which takes place in several cities and towns across the globe and I totally missed the boat on the Wellington one. Stink.

So to make up for it I went for a little wander today to scout some new locations around Wellington city for potential future location shooting.

I recently read a blog post by one of my fave photographers Nick Fancher about how freeing a photowalk can be. Nick also said it made hime fall in love with photography all over again. After walking several miles today on my own, headphones on listening to music and a camera in hand I couldn't agree with him more. Its really nice to be able to take the time to explore some of the places and things that you might see on a daily basis.

 Today I went to an area in the central city I have spent very little time in and it was like seeing again for the first time! Now I have all these great locations in my arsenal for future location shoots. 

I wandered the streets, back alleys and even visited an Historic house I didn't know existed nestled in amongst the buildings and offices.

All I took with me today was my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app. I've been a fan of hipstamatic for years and have slowly worked through the lens and film combinations to discover some favourites I always return to. I recently picked up the Florence lens and the BlacKeys extra fine film and it has quickly become my favourite combination for black and white images. So much so all the images I took today were taken with this combo. Another thing I loved from Hipstamatic was their Disposable app. It replicated those old click click disposable cameras I shot as a kid at parties and weddings. On setup you would choose a film and camera combo, it would give you something like 24 shots (similar to a roll of film) and just like film you couldn't see any of the shots until you finished the roll. It was a great idea and would even let you invite others to a roll of film so you could both shoot on the same roll - perfect for social gatherings and weddings. Sadly it is no longer available from the app store which is a real shame as it had some great promise.

Sometimes its fun to limit yourself to just one camera or just one lens. It forces you to get creative and look around for the shots. I had a great time wandering about aimlessly and plan to sign up for the proper photo walk next year. In the meantime though, lets get out there and shoot some pictures!

If this inspires you to get out on your own photo walk (even if its just while walking the dog!)  then please get in touch I would love to hear about it and see some of your results!